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Stockholm Stream

About Stockholm Stream

Are you looking for a smooth solution for managing media file with delivery to different VOD platforms?

StockholmStream offers a full self service solution of content management using our own developed platform Delta. This includes support for: rights, metadata, images, subtitles and video files to support the streaming industry around the world. We offer robust integrations to customers’ existing systems and multi outputs VOD platform.

The company Stockholm Stream started 2018 but we have long experience of professional media deliveries, encoding and OTT Services.

Trusted by Global Customers and Platforms across Industries: Amazon Prime, AppleTV+, Comcast Xfinity, Vimeo, Roku, Sling, Dish, JW-player, Orange and Magine are some of the platforms we support today.


About Stockholm Stream Delta

StockholmStream Delta makes delivery of VOD content easy. Delta is a One platform to run rights management, video processing and content delivery where the customers themself can handle their assets as a self service solution.

The system creates each export package according to the specifications of the platforms and convert metadata, subtitle and video files to the required format of the exports.

Easy setup, Free trial, No credit card required!

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Stockholm Stream Services

Encoding service

Our encoding service includes
Tape, disc and file ingest

  • sFTP, Aspera, S3 import/export
  • Audio/dub sync
  • Subtitle sync and editing
  • Conversion between any format for video, audio and subtitle to any master, mezzanine, IPTV or OTT format in the…

System integration

Analysis and prestudies

Proof of concept projects

Application development

Setting up infrastructure for solutions

Metadata services

We can provide metadata in any required format. This can be done by manually adding metadata from one of our metadata operators or intergrate customer systems with API to a metadata provider.

Metadata Service

Quality control

We have a team of professionals dedicated to Digital Video Quality Assurance, with vast experience validating different solutions and applications. On the service or before the asset have been published.

Media Archive

Reliable storage with import/export service for media files.

Automatic switch out to longtime storage.


StockholmStream will support you in the onboarding process to make sure your content gets the best treatment. In the Delta system we are analyzing the video files, images and subtitles to detect errors before they are delivered to the platform and when they are delivered we feed back the platform status to the Delta system to give a good overview of the status for each asset. This gives you an overview of what content you have and what is missing. Delta can improve time to market for new providers, removing manual work and giving a better control of the publishing flow.

Customers and partners

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Streaming and encoding experts

We are an API based service with dedicated persons behind doing a high quality work.


Are you ready to take the next step? We are always looking for the most dedicated and talented people. To contribution to the achievement of our goals and to our success. We are a multi-talented team of individuals who work together to make up a unique professional services engineering company. We take great pride in the quality and execution of our work and we are always striving to set new standards with our innovative way of thinking, and most important we have fun at work! We believe in mixing people with different backgrounds and experience to be innovative and find new solutions.


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